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  1. IGN: MinerKeith Age: 17 Location: North East of UK Are you more the 'build and create' or 'hunt and explore' type of player? Build and Create I Would like to keep myself to myself and build and create to make myself have a big town and i like organised land and like to keep it looking natural. and i hope to get accepted into your awesome server. looks very organised and professional well done.
  2. In game name: MinerKeith Age: 17 Time playing Tekkit-lite: Since Release Have you been banned: (dont lie we will find out) quite a thew, but not recently Why would you like to play on this server: Because i love towny for one thing and this looks like a stable server that i can spend my time on.
  3. Member App: IGN: MinerKeith Age: 17 Country/Timezone: England GMT Tekkit Experience: Alot except computercraft Reason for joining: Because im looking for a dedicated server that works great and doesnt have much banned items because some servers have mostly loads of items banned and i like to use things like condencers reactors and stuff like that. Have you read the rules: Yes i have How long have you played tekkit: About 9 month now maybe more What you feel you can contribute: keep the server clean from cussing and griefing also i may be able to donate at a later date Time you can contribute to the server: not at the moment but anytime
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