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  1. Hi, It has come to my attention that my server is becoming increasing laggy. I have tried many things such as switching to CB++, getting an entity plugin limiter for dropped items and many other procedures but to no avail. What someone suggested to me was to ban crystal chests as they as they cause lots of lag but with the crystal chest being able to house so many items I was wondering if there was a way to remove the entities inside them and therefore stop the 'seeing in' ability and the same for Buildcraft pipes as lots of players on my server have factories and I think it would be beneficial if these traveling entities were to disappear. Pneumatic pipes are fine as they only pull items when a free inventory is detected. I was wondering if there was a few lines of code I could delete somewhere to stop these showing up! Thanks in advance and to any forthcoming answers!
  2. I love the server. The post is wrong though, it has 52 slots and a Towny world! Great atmosphere and ranking system! Crew