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  1. So I tried setting up a simple system to insert water cells into a water mill using buildcraft pipes. I tried inserting the pipes into the bottom of the machine, and the cells ended up in the top slot, but I needed them in the bottom slot. So I rerouted the pipes again to insert into the side of the machine and... The cells still went into the top slot. So I rerouted the pipes a third time to insert the cells into the top of the machine, and the cells still went into the top slot. No matter what I do, I can't seem to get the cells to insert into the proper slot. Does anyone have any idea of how to get around this, if there even is a way to?
  2. hmmm.... i just realized that e is the 5th from first letter of the alphabet, and u is 5th from last SYNANTONYMS!!!!!!!!
  3. but again, kinda off topic again what we've gone over Bad = EE, UUM, arrays, windmills, watermills, and scrap boxes (in mass quantities) Good = nothing god this is hard............ but now we need to discuss 2 of the most major problems. Scarcity and specialization. with minecraft, all ores are everywhere and plentiful, so ore trading is going to be quite difficult (although that chart was helpful). but i have heard of this one weird mod. ores are very hard to find, although they come in massive scattered veins that take 3-4 days (game) to mine. they are the same kind. and the ores are not always seen, so you have to dig around (like real miners). another is that ores are biome specific, and the nether is banned. iron might only be found in jungle (random example), or glow stone in mushroom biomes. but then there is the fact that biomes are the size of pixels,so thats another problem. and about specialization, that is a problem with solutions that have their own problems. i have heard one solution is some plugin that forces specialties on people (miners can't chop trees, lumberjacks can't mine, etc.) but that can cause people to get really annoyed and want to leave. not bother, and you have BIG problems, people will not bother to trade, opening a successful business has about as much chance as winning the maximum prize on a 1$ scratch ticket. so now what?
  4. ok, let me rephrase that, "scrap boxes are ok, as long as you ARE'NT CREATING THEM IN QUANTITIES OF 1000 CRYSTAL CHESTS PER SECOND!!!!!!! btw, that would be friken epic
  5. well mabye the arrays, but they still create power out of nothing,which, in large quantities, can devastate economies also due to the fact that solar arrays are just compact versions of solar panels
  6. well scrap boxes are fine, since they are made with actual objects (scrap boxes are made of scrap, scrap is made with recyclers, random materials are needed for the recycler), so in short, they should be fine, also due to the fact that they spit out uselessness usually wooden tools anyone?
  7. but tekkit is full of ways to make endless items out of absolute nothingness.so a quick recap of what we have gone over: 1. EE and economies are absolute opposites 2. UU is a synonym for EE 3. Solar/Water/Wind is Bad
  8. yes that's exactly what i meant. why would uu matter just appear out of thin air from lots of electricity. and electricity should come from somewhere(i mean like using a fuel source(coal, wood, Oil)) so i think that wind/ watermills are are still out of the question
  9. ahhhhh..... thanks but what about other economy destroying items(UUM, Solar panels/arrays, scarcity/specialization, all items are equally fuctionable
  10. good point, but there is a lot more to minecraft than just mining
  11. and another thing, if you only trade ores, then won't the specialty consist of like 99% miners and 1% Random other job (fisherman?)?
  12. thanks, but if i were to create a server, how would i disable EE? more importantly, what creates a stable thriving economy? p.s. thanks for all the info
  13. Okay, I naturally like trading, but minecraft(tekkit even more) has made it near impossible. how on earth do i create an economy with out changing tekkit? -Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! -Sorry turkeys
  14. what the heck is cp and s sticky? and im not begging i just want to tekkit!!!!!!
  15. I have the same problem on a vista computer and i would kill to have it fixed!! SOMEONE HALP!~!!!!!!