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  1. So, I'm in the process of building a factory, and I have 2 entrances. Both are double doors on opposite sides of the building. I was working on the basement of the building just a few minutes ago and when I came back up to the ground level both of the doors one side were gone, and one on the other side was gone. What has happened? I tried logging out/in but it did nothing, the doors just disappeared. When I went outside the building I noticed that some grass blocks were missing out of the grassy area that I built in front of the building. I can assure you they weren't missing before, and at first I thought it may have been an endermen, but I've heard endermen can't pick up and move blocks that the player has placed, and I placed these grass blocks and doors (obvious). Is this true about the endermen? or is there another explanation? I've never had any blocks comepletely disappear like this, and I've got quite a substantial (but messy) setup near my original spawn so it's only the first time this has happened.
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    exp farm help

    I've built a small canal type exp farm on my server for levels so I can try out enchanting. The monsters basically get funneled into a bottom 3x3 hole, where I would ideally come by when it was full and kill them for levels/loot. Problem is, after getting a small amount of mobs (30 or so), they all disappear at once. I've seen videos where people have had masses of mobs in this tube, any ideas or suggestions on why mine won't do it?
  3. I'm really new to Tekkit (only played for roughly a week or so). So obviously I'm still learning, and there's a lot to learn. Well I'm making some good progress tonight (used Divining Rod to find first Diamonds ^.^), and I'm planning on expanding my solar farm to bring in more power to expand everything else. I've been doing some research and can't figure out what exactly these 'packets' are that everyone always refers too, I just can't find a straight up definition. Also, how many regular Solar Panels can I have before the Tin Cable that carries the power to my BatBox can't take it (Currently at 16)? What about the Copper Cable that I have running from the BatBox too Transformer, then on to the Machines? And Gold Cable? It'll be a while before I'll have enough Diamonds to actually use Glass Fibre Cable.
  4. Well now I've hit an issue. I can't make Brass Ingots without an Alloy Furnace. And I've never seen Clay in this game at all...this is getting very annoying very quickly.
  5. Hooked it all up, started it up and as to my fear, it moves the items faster then the Macerator gets done with them. So now I need a bit of help on the whole timer, pneumatic tubing thing. I've never worked with redstone so I have no idea how it works
  6. Ah, makes sense, I recall seeing a few details about them 'warming up' and how they're speeds change based on how long they've run. Didn't even think of that Thanks. Back to setting up I go.
  7. I am testing out some different setups, and have noticed that after being on for a few minutes, the redstone engine begins to change color. I want to assume this is not necessarily a good thing, I realized it was green instead of blue and switched it off for now. I have not attempted using and pneumatic tubing, timers, or transposers yet.
  8. So, if I understand correctly I should place a Transposer between the chest with Ores and the Macerator? And how much of my tubing/piping should be pneumatic, if not all?
  9. I'm very new to Tekkit, but I'm slowly picking up on how different machines and wiring and what not works. I'm beginning to go on longer mining trips when I go out (mining drill + 4-5 RE-Batteries) and am now looking into automating my macerator so that my goodies from mining don't just stack up as ores after the first stack finished while I'm on a trip. I've done a little research on how transport pipes work, and they seem pretty straightforward for this simple application (haven't actually done it yet, but as soon as I log on). Although, upon my research I couldn't help but to question 1 thing that I couldn't find the answer to. What happens when you have ores going from a chest to a Macerator and they go between the 2 quicker than the Macerator gets finished with them? Meaning, if it finishes a stack of Iron Ore and it's doing the last 1, what happens when it sends a new ore into the Macerator before getting finished with the Iron? Does it randomly spit it back onto the floor? I'd just like to get this bug fixed before setting it up, nothing better than to do it right the first time. Also, What side/portion of the Macerator should the pipe lead in to insert Ores, and where should it lead out to output dust?
  10. SUCCESS! I did a bit of searching around again for a Tekkit Tutorial and now have realized the misunderstanding I had when it comes to energy loss and copper cables and whatnot. I've replaced the copper cables leading from both solar panels to the batbox with tin cables. I am now fully operational and charging at double speed (Yay) Omicron, Thank you for that quick explanation, I found the solution probably as you were typing it up but it's still nice to get a little better explanation on my exact situation, as you have so helpfully provided. Thanks to everyone who posted a helpful solution, back to building I go :D
  11. I've done quite a bit of googling and I understand that Copper cables loss something like 0.2 EU per block, so being only 5 away I should still get just about all of the power, but I'm not getting any power from the second solar panel.
  12. I just recently started playing Tekkit and I'm of course still learning. I've never played any mod before, just the original game, so everythnig is very new to me. I've begun building for a better energy source than coal in a generator, and last night built my first solar panel, batbox, LV-transformer and connected them and have them running my macerator (haven't connected to the extractor yet). Now, I wanted to connect a second solar panel because the macerator alone takes every bit of power that the solar panel gives off as it sends it to the batbox, meaning I can't effectively use the macerator and extractor at the same time or charge other electrical equipment at the same time. I simply layed a second Solar Panel next to the first one, connected copper cable below the 2, and my EU doesn't go up any faster in the batbox. Just as it did with a single solar panel, as soon as it gets to 32EU the macerator takes it all immediately, it doesn't even charge any faster than it did with a single solar panel. What am I doing wrong? My setup is as follows: 2 Solar panels (nothing above, anywhere near) with copper cable connecting below --> leading 5 blocks downward to the batbox ---> leading 3 blocks downward to LV-transformer ---> leading 3 blocks to macerator, 4 blocks to extractor (when I eventually connect). Note that the solar panel IS supplying power, it just won't connect to allow BOTH to supply power.
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