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  1. well this was a ton of help, thanks to the 26 people that viewed this and didn't bother to at least say "it's just you"
  2. When playing hexxit on my laptop I get a sort of flickering effect on the water and the UI. It is quite irritating. I have the max allocation of ram from the settings and don't get why this is happening since I am using 64 bit java and have a lot of ram unused even with the game running. Is this a bug that has yet to be solved or something? I watch people play hexxit on youtube and don't see this. I relogged too, didn't help. Windows 8 12Gb Ram Nvidia Geforce (not an amazing graphics card but a good one) Graphics Basically I want to know if this is just me or a bug due to a mod of something.
  3. Title: Random Mobs Sphax &SMP zombie texture issue Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows 8 Java Version: 9 Description of Problem: So the zombies on my server are there, they have a texture, and the texture is a set of floating legs. It seems as though the legs for the zombie texture pack are where the head should be. I do have random mobs mod. The body for the zombie can still be hit, but it can't be seen. Error Messages: Error Log:
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