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  1. I don't know why you are getting lag? No-one else on the server has experienced any as far as I can tell. As for no one being on I am not sure me and my cousin are on daily
  2. Everyone else that's it the server is now full (8 slots taken) but! Don't worry there is still a chance for you to get on, because we want the server to grow fast and have regular players, if you are not on for a week, your place will be revoked. This is of course if you do not warn us, if you give us a reason (holiday, illness, family gathering) it's fine we will hold your place for you. If we find a way to fund the server as well then the slots will be upgraded to 16 for more people to join.
  3. The minecraft authentication servers are down or something, it's happening for everyone.
  4. ChickenTrooper as you have not joined since we accepted you, or shown any signs of life your position is now given back to the community. AKA you're out, if you want you can apply again.
  5. Thank you for your idea, I will definitely look into it, thank you very much.
  6. Like SupedupDonkey said if the two other people we accepted do not join we will give there spots away to players who will be more regular players. We also did not expect to receive this many replies so soon, we are a small server as you know (2 slots left) so we really want to take our time on who joins, if you would like a list of who is in the server look in the main post. The only way we can make the server bigger is if we some how get a way to fund the server from itself or donations (not allowed on these forums) so if anyone knows a way please let us know.
  7. Yeah just a few bug fixes, and I think IC2 was updated, okay well we're going back to 3.1.2!
  8. Oh I see, maybe we should switch back to 3.1.2?
  9. The server is experiencing technical issues :S Please bear with us as we deal with this issue, this process may take up to 48 hours. Sorry for any inconveniences.
  10. Yes I think so, I'm just going to message the server hosts now and get it sorted.
  11. Everyone else you are still being considered, thank you.
  12. I will try to sort it now please give me a minute
  13. You should be I whitelisted the username peterhclo, is this correct?
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