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  1. Not sure if I should post this here or bug reports, but seems like i'd get more help here. Anyways, Whenever I load a world, create a world, or join a server it goes to the dirt screen, says building world, then goes to a blank dirt screen again, then crashes. It's really annoying. Please help. I've tried using 1gb, 2gb, and 4gb or RAM and nothing works. My Specs: Intel Core i3, 4gb of RAM, 64 bit.
  2. Thanks for the help. The school comps are heavily restricted and the local\temp is the only place we can run anything that is restricted. They run wipes every week, but i put it one folder deeper inside of a folder for adobe. EDIT: It still is writing to the roaming folder. It wont write to my appdata\local\temp\BTN%Copy%1 Any other ideas? EDIT 2: Do I have to change anything in the code you pasted? If so, then it might work because I am stupid with this stuff.
  3. It is not working for me. I want it to write to my appdata/local/temp. My jar is named .minecraft (i think). Could you put the code in context? Thanks.
  4. I was wondering if you can change where the launcher makes the .tekkitlauncher folder? And if you can, how? Thanks in advance. Edit: I've noticed that i have almost 100 views on this topic and no replies. Any ideas at all people?