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  1. ign :archer3154 i love tekkit server i dont like grifers thanks inbox me if i can join :)
  2. ign :archer3154 i love tekkit and i wont to go on a tekkit server with no griend and noting band i love tekkit hop i get to join inbox me if i can join
  3. ign:archer3154 age:14 tekkit experience 1year do i agree with the rules yes can my friend join ign :SlenderMan62 12 bad at tekkit i wont to join a good tekkit server ther is not good tekkit server i can join cuz i get grife and i dont like that so i hop me and my friend get to join thx
  4. ign archer3154 my frieends one ing SlenderMan62 13 12 im good at tekkit i wont to tech him how to play tekkit hiz a noob thxx hop we get to join :)
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