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  1. This issue still persists, my dashboard reports 5/5 modpacks in use, i now have 0 modpacks, can this be fixed please?
  2. I have only 1 modpack currently, the others I removed, yet when I attempt to make a new one, I receve the error: The name has already been taken. You are already over the limit of the number of modpacks you can create. The modpack name you entered has a slug that already exists. Thing is, not once have i ever had 5 packs active, so limit? the pack name that is in use, is a pack I had made, so I know the pack name, and slug, are in fact NOT in use, as I myself made them cease to be.. Is this just more mess from the "upgrade"?
  3. The only downside to this method, is, if/when you make any updates to the pack, any options each user has put into place (key bindings, video, volume) will be overwritten with your settings, so use with care
  4. install worldguard for tekkit then from the console run "stop-lag" without quotes this will delete all drops and mobs temporarily this will allow you to log in to end the item generation and restart the server
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