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  1. Does any body know how to craft magic pickaxe. i am asking this because there is no craft recipe. Also anybody know what mod it is from.
  2. What is the best way to find Hex flowers.
  3. seems that the server crashed. it could be the enderbow which is crashing other servers.
  4. to apply post IGN: minecraft654 Age:19 Experience with Hexxit: I have knowledge of pretty much every mod in hexxit i've been playing since its first day. How long you have been playing for: i have been playing minecraft since pre-alpha. I have just started to playing on your server. What you are good at (Buildings, etc.): Mostly technical things. Forge's, etc Why you think you would be a good addition to the server: I Also have a expansive knowlegde of administrating a server and how they operate. (i once owned a server and have been admin on many.)
  5. is there any tools in the game that allow you to bypass armor for pvp. Such as potion in tekkitlite.
  6. what is the most damaging weapon in the game. can any one give me some help on that.
  7. What is the best sword and armor (for tanking hits).
  8. i am getting terrible fps on my rig. Fps=15-30 average of 17. Specs Nvidia Gtx 690 I7 3930k 13 gbs of ram allocated to Hexxit.
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