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Fullysickminecraft's Technic 7 Lets Play


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Hey guys my names Daniel and i love minecraft especially the technic pack! I'm a really fun lay back guy who loves playing minecraft, i started a technic pack lets play a few months ago and i don't get many views (at all) i have 9 subs and I'm looking for more. Please don't take this as spam and i know a lot of people say this sorta stuff but I'm a really fun guy and I'm good at entertaining people and love making people laugh. I would love for any of you to come and take a look at my videos and if you seem to like them then subscribe, i really do appreciate all my active subscribers i only have one but whenever he comments on my videos I'm always keen to reply so i really like feedback. A cool thing i do for everyone's benefit or for people who don't know how to play and use these mods (noobs) my whole lets play series is teaching you all the different items uses I'm very familiar with everything in the technic pack and if you do enjoy my videos and subscribe, feel free to ask a question or ask me to build something! This may seem a bit long but i hope you read it all here is a link to my channel enjoy:


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