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[0.6.5]_-_All Time Gamers_-_[no dd][pvp][pve][20 slots] BACK UP


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ip is atg-play.ddns.net:25566

NOTE-the teamspeak3 server is down for maintenance for a while.

all mods included except MC and DD.

all the regular plugins and factions.

working on server econ.

fresh world

might be needing help. email@[email protected] or skype@blakewscuhette

builders and maybe a shop keep








use that format

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Name: Seanine

Age: 17

IGN: Seanine

Which Pos.: I dont really know which one, i'd only like to play Tekkit lite with players that are knowledgeable and can help me.

Why ? I just want to play with some people that arent trolling, griefing, or killing each other nonstop, i just want to play peacefully with some people that are friendly.

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