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Crafting Logistic Pipe on a Liquid Transposer issue


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Hi guys,


not many people left playing this ancient version I guess. However, I have some trouble with my Logistic Pipe network and a Liquid Transposer. The Crafting Pipe is on top of it and the satellite pipe at the bottom. All inputs from the LT are configured correctly. The recipe is an Energy Conduit that should be crafted to a Redstone Energy Conduit by filling it with molten redstone. My Request Logistic Pipe shows a Redstone Energy Conduit as a crafting recipe. So far so good, but when I order one I see all the items going to the LT and short time later a Redstone Energy Conduit pops out of the top, dancing in the air. It seems the Pipe network doesn't know what to do the crafted product. All other crafted things go straight into my target chest that is connected to the Request Pipe.


Has anyone a solution for that?




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