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Can't find the kits file


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Honestly, I'd do away entirely with CommandBook and toss in Essentials. They overlap eachother for the most part but essentials is quite a bit more robust and fine grained in terms of permission sets. I honestly threw away commandbook in the first place due to difficulty in setting up permissions, especially as it regarded the /help and /kit features. The Server Permission setup page http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,83.0.html has some sample schemes.

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In the plugins/Essentials/config.yml file I included the following lines:



  delay: 180


   - 269 1

   - 270 1

   - 271 1

   - 5 32


  delay: 900


   - 357 3


  delay: 86400


   - 264 1

The first one gives some tools and wood, second some cookies and the last is just a nice gift to my players with a 24 hour cooldown. The permissions for these were enabled in my plugins/PermissionsBukkit/config.yml with:

      essentials.kit: true

      essentials.kit.*: true

First enables use of the /kit command, and the second gives players access to all the available kits (easier than me typing out all three, especially if I want to add more later on).

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