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(AotBT 1.0.12a)Private Server [PvP/PvE/Pranks][20 slots][Whitelist]


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I am running a small AotBT white-listed server. Nothing to big or fancy just a normal server, looking for people to join that I can trust, that is why you must have a Steam profile and be willing to add me. The server is not going to be on 24/7 but will be on whenever I am on my PC, which is most of the time.




In Game Name -


Age -


How long have you played Minecraft? - 


How long have you used the AotBT modpack? -


Why do you want to join my server? -


How often would you play? - 


Steam Name? -


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Hey i would like to join your server  ...

But why do you need my steam name ?


In-game Name : Amon_Ice_Fire


Age 19


How long i did played minecraft : since 1 year now already ...or more dont remember the exact day ..:-P


why i want to joiin your server: because i search a server where i can have fun playing atotb-team whit oter people ..where are now mods banned and where i dont need to pay money for ranks to use some items ...


how often i would play : not sure every tiime that i can spare ( somte day it would me half hour some days it would be 8 hurs depends on me and my family ..)


Steam name : should be ... amon_ice_fire

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IGN : conconrfc

Age : 13

How long I've played minecraft : next week will be a year

how long have u played atofTB : since it came out

Why I want to join the server : I`ve looked everywhere and this looks like a really good server one of the best so far and I want to meet new people

how often I would play : about 5 to 4 times a week and would be on for like 5 hours a day

steam name : conconrfc 

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IGN: techstar


Age: 14


I have played minecraft for 4 years


i have played attack of the b team for a year


i'd like to join the server cause i want to play attack of the b-team whith other people on a not huge server


i would play almost every day


my steam name: TheDutchAssassin

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