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[1.7.10] LifeMUD [80 slots] [in-game VOIP] [PvP] [PvE] [Towny] [LifeMUD pack]

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is here

LifeMUD is a modded, multi world/dimension server running towny and all the coolest mods. All this has been balanced out to give the best selection of world elements and technology. We have in-game voice, air ships, customizable pets, mountable dragons, quests, VIP status and very imaginative concept designers and builders.

At LifeMUD we have built a small, yet growing, community of players who welcome new players in to our worlds. To be quite frank, LifeMUD is probably the server your will play for the rest of your days.


Much time and effort has been spent on this two year long project to create a minecraft community with the best tools and building options possible without creating a laggy pack. Our server runs on a high-performance, fully hardware dedicated server run by mature professionals. We have anti-greifing tools such as logging and anti-x-ray. The aim of the game for us is to build a server that provides everything you need whilst still making it a challenge to play. With our many dimensions and questing elements, a whole world of possibilities opens up; from quests, clans/towns to full on role-play, anything is possible.


Our worlds are beautifully constructed by our building team and are fluently inserted into the system as a whole to provide you with a rich and ever expanding environment.


Many people have labelled us "the best server out there", to LifeMUD'ers we simply call it Home.



Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/lifemud-gen2

Website: http://www.lifemud.com

Direct-conect hostname/ip: lifemud.com

Uptime: 100% (Hardware dedicated)

Donate: available

VIP: Via donation.

Currency: Item based

Voting bonuses: Available

Other featues:

We have a dedicated mumble server which any player can access and even create their own private channels for clans/towns.



Server rules: Raiding and PvP allowed. Trolling, bullying exploitation and cheats are not allowed.

Anyone using the mumble services should use their IGN as their mumble name.

Mods in our pack.
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Just updating whats been happening in the last week. We have had a few major updates to mods and the core files to give us even more performance. We have more quests and more tech. We have also added ExtraUtils which makes things a little easier.


Hope to see you all there.

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