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JAC Test Pack Please Ignore


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JATest Pack Please Ignore (Don't ignore us pls)


Be advised the server itself is still quite rudimentary. We have covered the basics and if you are worried about some of the kinks, we are most likely working on them.


The server is a Towny PvE server, meaning no grief will be allowed to occur inside of claimed land. It also means you can set up a MASSIVE town and reap the benefits of being able to tax players or you could build a tiny town for just you and your closest friends! biggrin.png If you don't have many friends, or you just like stabbing people in the face with OVER 100 MODDED WEAPONS, we are working on building a PvP arena you can murder people in. And not get arrested.


MCMMO, kill innocent creatures, deprive the land of natural resources AND get COOLNEWPERKS!


Mainly the only items that are banned are the ones that could raze spawn or the towns that you would have worked so hard on or the ones that would crash the client or server. Examples being a rocket launcher (go figure) and landmines.


There have been some changes to the configs that will better the experience of a PvE server, those being some spells that would break the server, your builds and the daylight cycle.


*Note* Donations are not yet available, kits and benefits are not yet final and we are working on these things. We could use, however, YOU'RE suggestions to help make the server better.


SERVER IP: (We are getting this changed!)

If you would like to submit a bug or suggestions (we want them!) talk to some of our staff, or reply to the forums topics smile.png

If you like the server, tell friends, families, families you don't know, people you don't know. TELL EVERYONE!

TeamSpeak3: ts.jacgaming.com

Forums: JACGaming.com

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