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Separate EnderChest, Phased Pipes and Tesseract between 2 Worlds

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Hi guys!


We are running MCPC+ 1.4.7 233

We are currently facing a problem wich does not allow us to make multiple worlds as users could transfer Items between those 2 worlds.

The server has 2 worlds:

-world (Normal World)

-solar (Hardcore PvP/Survival World)


We want to seperate the Inventory, EnderChest's, Phased Pipes and Item Tesseract so user's cant transfer items between those 2 worlds.

I already tried Multiverse-Inventory's and so on...


How can I prevent the users from transporting/transfering items between those 2 worlds?

Separating the Inventory works fine with Multiinv...

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Hmm... As ridiculous as it sounds you may want to consider running a different server console per world. That is the only way I can think of to separate a mods properties per world... You might be able to bungee worlds locally on the same machine. It might even be more efficient

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