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Changing my Youtube playing.

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I know..I've use to do it and such but people keep making the same damn thing over and over again...It get's annoying. So I'm planning with my friend's to get alot new stuff different stuff other people have not done. It would be nice to try out some new thing's. I've been uploading a ton of different game's I've been playing and I will be sending out early information to subs about near Video's I will be working on and that good stuff.

Current work:

Anyways, I just started youtubeing a couple week's ago. It's just something really fun to do when you want to have enjoyment. I'm hoping to help some people in my Video's or just for them to kill some time with enjoyment. Thing's I've recently been doing is just fixing quality for my Fixing and I got rid of those will Black Bar's on the side's which is cool. My main thing I'm doing right now is trying to fix my sound Quiliy and hoping that will be fine from there. If there is anything people tell me to fix I'll try my hardest.

Furture work:

I've got a couple messages from people that ask me ''Oh what you doing next'' Or ''New game's!''

I've been looking for new game's I got a few but it will be very helpful for people to send in download link's for differnt games or custom maps for mincraft. I'm not just doing minecraft now so I hope that bring's in people from differnt gaming group's. Which would be a nice thing.

Video Content:

The Adult content is nothing bad really. I may swear here and there just for messing around or I get scared. I would prefer to warn people about that..Just because it's a rule. :)

Video's.: Sorry for having this so long but I'm almost done!

This is my youtube Channel is you want to check it out. http://www.youtube.com/user/GuidCraft/featured

Now I've been doing different game's so Here's one I recently uploaded called Amnesia the Dark Decent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adh9nathudY&feature=plcp

Soon I'm doing new custom map's for minecraft but for right now...I'll be working on that..


Thank you all for reading this reallllly long Thread. Hope for your support it really help's Like fav and sub..but A like on a video is just as GOOOOD. Cya Guy's later. Thank's for reading. :D

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