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[1.7.10]Unstable Soup[PvE][8 slots]

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Looking for a close-knit Forge server to build, share ideas, and create projects with?

I run a new dedicated Forge server for 1.7.10. It's a fairly large custom modpack, handpicked to include a mixture of mods that provide a fun experience for a variety of playtypes, including Tech, RPG and Magic.



We are 3, I'm currently looking for another 2 permanent players, with a view to adding extra in the future. It is a close-knit vision, and there is currently no world border, but this may change in future. No subscription or fees required. The server hardware is funded and hosted by myself.
Looking for players to start projects with

Players must be able to show personal integrity, and enjoy playing in a small community. There is no "minimum playtime" requirement. The server is whitelisted for access control only, no formal application required. Server permissions are in place and once I know they are suitable I will disable the whitelist.


  • Actions are logged. Intentionally griefing/raiding/stealing WILL get you permanently banned.
  • We have a semi-mature view on rules, there are no chat rules- Except, no racism or bullying.
  • Server is 24/7.

The server is fairly new. Help building up a small spawn area and high tech starting "village" will be rewarded :)


Any playtype is accepted, but this is primarily a Survival server. We play for fun and because Minecraft Multiplayer is looooooooads of fun!

If you are interested, please either post in this thread or send me a PM, and I'll whitelist you.


Pack URL for launcher:



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Hi, I would like to join your server. I always try to come up with unique ideas and efficient, but creative, ways of doing things. I've been looking for a group to play with. My favorite things on a server are doing community work, so count me in on helping with spawn. I would've helped regardless of a reward. I also have some friends who may be interested in playing.


my IGN: harrisonmarquis

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