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Joining Server Problems. HELP!


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Im sorry if im posting this in the wrong place. I literally just created this account so im new to this forum.

I have recently started playing on my friends Tekkit server. I have been able to connect and just play for the past 3 days. But when I launched the Technic Launcher, it offered an update. So when I updated my Tecknic and then attempted to connect to the tekkit server, I am getting a message saying,

The server requires you to have the following mods:

mod_IC2 c1.95

mod_IC2NulearControl v1.1.6

mod_BuildCraftTransport 2.2.14

mod_AdditionalPipes 2.1.3 (Minecraft 1.2.5, Buildcraft 2.2.14, Forge

mod_BuildcraftCore 2.2.14


mod_Railcraft 5.2.4

mod_RedPowerWiring 2.0pr5b2

mod_RedPowerCore 2.0pr5b2

mod_RedPowerLogic 2.0pr5b2

mod_RedPowerWorld 2.0pr5b2

mod_ComputerCraft 1.33

mod_IronChest 3.3

mod_NetherOres 1.2.5R1.2.2

I dont know how to get those mods or even insert them. If someone could assist me that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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