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Awesome Crafting Dead Server Looking For Players!


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This server has the entire The Walking Dead map! Not just Atlanta, not just woodbury, not just the prison, but everything. All the places you have seen when u have watched the walking dead, this map has. When you login you start with the member ++ rank, which adds the option to do /tpa so you can tpa to your friends and instantly team up with them, 4 kits: Survivor, General, M4A1 and Scar, all giving you different unique things. You also earn 100$ out of killing 1 person. $ can be used to buy houses in the residence warp which i think is really neat because you can store items that you gather from other people or looting in chests there and take them out whenever you want. Once you buy a house you can upgrade it with more cash as you continue further on. If you choose to buy a house that costs 5K/5000$ and comes with 8 chests and you kill more people and get 5K/5000$ more, you dont have to pay 10K/10000$ for the house that costs that much, but just 5K/5000$ because you already have bought the house for 5K/5000$. If you want to you can also feel free to donate to the server. That gives you more commands and better ranks which more unique abilities but its not pay 2 win in any way. The server has very nice admins and a very nice owner who will help you with everything you ever will need help with. Have fun and slay some zombies ;)



Server IP = S39.hosthorde.com:25985


Player slots = 100


Rules = No hacking, no swearing, no racism.


Credits = Map maker is Jermonsky, owner is Prince_Jervan in game name.

Information = [PvP - PvE] [24/7 rarely down] [No whitelist] [No banned items] [1.6.4]

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