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Client update, no server update?

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So, I'm hosting a server for me and a couple friends, and the client suddenly wanted to update itself.

Now, it's updated stuff like Iron chests, EE, compactsolars, TubeStuff and Immibis... and I can't get on my server, because the mods I have as a -client-, are newer versions than the -server- ones. I tried reverting back to an older version, or manually downgrading my client mods, but none of it works (Especially because Immibis doesn't post older versions of his/her mods).

What do I do?

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Yep, it's not working, it's saying the exact same thing for me when I try to connect to you.

"The server requires you to have the following mods:

mod_TubeStuff 48.2.1

mod_CompactSolars 2.2

mod_ImmibisCore 48.2.1

mod_IC2NuclearControl v1.1.6"

And I know the problem here. The problem is that -my- client has like, TubeStuff 49.something, due to the new client update just a few hours ago, but I can't update my server, and I can't downgrade my client.

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K just to confirm and make sure is fine go through these steps,

  1. open launcher and click options while tekkit is selected
  2. click on manual build selection and tick retry after connection timeout
  3. then on top right click on "3.0.3 1.2.5 Rec. Build"
  4. click ok and and login.
  5. close the game and relaunch it (just to make sure settings and updates are saved properly)
  6. then try to connect again once more :)
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k so my friend is also online (the one who has the same problem, same instructions seemed to have worked) BUT since its not in this case. Do this following:

  1. Go into into run and go to "%appdata%" and open on .techniclauncher folder
  2. go under tekkit folder
  3. delete everything but worlds folder and textures folder (incase you have saved worlds or textures)
  4. and launch tekkit once more.
  5. repeat first instructions, and update tekkit to manual 3.0.3 patch NOT LATEST!
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