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[0.6.5] Sudo Craft [20][No Whitelist][No Banned Items]


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Hi! Welcome to the small server of Sudocraft.  I will be running this server as a (PVE/Vanilla) style server. it will be 24/7 and is hosted on a dedicated machine. (not rented)




intel duo core 2 (3.0ghz)

3gb ddr2

the download and upload should beable to handle about 15 to 20 players hopefuly


my idea behind the server is just play tekkit. i won't be giving out items for money (but donations may be nice to upgrade the machine).


Please note* this is a pvp server with NO plugins. your on your own to hide and survive.





no afking - i ask this because your putting alot of load on my network and my server when you do. if i find you i will kick you and mutiplable atempts at afking will result in ban.


don't ruin the game for some one else


play nice with others.


resepect the admin (me). if i ask you nicely not to do somthing please don't do it.



Banned Items








it's up and running it's bear bones.

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