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Server Startup - Grand Plans - Less then Grand Skills - Help PLZ

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To keep things short and sweet, i have a bit of hardware, almost too much for a simple server setup, and a decent upstream. That being said, i already have my own private Tekkit server, but i want something more, something with a bit of an endgame.

I have ideas, plans even, to make an open world (ish) RPG style server. However, the majority of the plugins i know and love for plain old Bukkit servers aren't quite compatible with Tekkit SMP

I'm looking for anyone who might be willing to help. I have funds available to rent a server with significantly more bandwidth then i have available to expand to if this proposed server warrants it. But for now i would like to see what i can get running with what i got and see if my ideas hold water.

Anyone with server setup experience, including setting up all the necessary configs/sql table/so on please shoot me a message

my server has remote desktop sharing enabled so anyone with a windows system can access it.

if you know what your doing and are willing to help, i would greatly appreciate it. I know my way around pc's and servers, but for the time being Tekkit is a bit lost on my and im still learning.

If i can i will find a way to compensate whomever pitches in some help.

Notifications for this forum and my e-mail forward to my phone, i await your responses

p.s. Mods, i apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong section. I did not quite see a section that fit so i went with what i thought was appropriate. Thanks!

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Good, because I made a server, but lack a machine to run it from, so it's just for lan-parties. ;)

In a nutshell, it's a sci-fi themed one, with secret psionic castes, before-tekkit machines, and stargates to the moon, and to the past.

When you start, it's basic minecraft, but you can discover, and buy new abilities (able to use more features, and plugins)

It can be adapted for tekkit, and I can share/make the necessary configs - even made a loong, booring video about it, but the plugin-links are there:

Drop me a message, when you will be interested! :)

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