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No Sound Help?

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So i have been playing Tekkit Classic for a while now but now i have no sound, I have tried re-downloading the pack, re-downloading java,

restarting my computer but nothing. The regular sounds on my computer are fine but Tekkit sounds just don't want to work. If anyone could

help it would be much appreciated. All the things i tried were suggestions from other people by the way. Update: I have now also tried re-downloading the launcher itself, still nothing. And before anybody asks yes i do have network connection, and no my anti-virus is not blocking it (i checked)

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All those things you tried should have nothing to do with your sound on technic launcher. Except maybe re-installing the launcher and deleting all the files. But try this go to your sound setting by your clock, and hit mixer and scroll over till you see "technic launcher" or something like that. And there should be a volume bar to raise and lower your volume. I hope this fixes this. This is the only thing I can think of that comes to mind. Or try to see if all your drivers are up to date. Good Luck!

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