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Need someone or people to do LP on a server with me

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Hi, my name is Callum. I want to do a tekkit LP (Lets Play) with someone or a group of people.

I need a server that is already running tekkit, but I can make one if it is needed. I have a full week (5 days) of preparation. My IGN is: sonic317 My skype is callum.fawell (Callum Fawell from Basin View Austrialia. It may say Nowra.) You can email me at [email protected] or you could leave a comment on this post. Thanks

~sonic Mod Edit: Don't sign your posts.

ps. Leave any questions in the comment

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I would be delighted to help. I have a server which should be able to handle 5 people. Skype is Simply Happy . I also have a friend who I play with that may be interested.

i would be happy to join your server add my skype it doesnt let me add you


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