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1.6.4 Survival, PvP, Raiding, Grief, Scamming, Swearing Allowed!! Custom Modpack

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PvP, Raid, Grief, Swearing, Scamming Allowed!!! My Promise: You will die within the first Hour, but you will enjoy the challenge.


Gain up to 30 hearts

Regenarate hearts at 1 hunger

Hunger has been reduced by 500% no more eating every 30sec.

Hunger also gives Well Fed effects

Hunger has Saturation that doubles your hunger bar.

Lots of new enchantments, and potions.

God apple with Effects lasting 15min.

Guns, Rocket launchers, Missle Launchers, Pack a Punch!!!

Super Mutant Creatures from 1 to 7k health with custom drops.

Guardian Armor.

Pet Bats, Mini Me invincible

Being low on health or hunger gives debuffs.

Many new machines to discover their uses and custom creations.

Machines that alter your inventory.

/sell hand   /sell hand <amount>   /sell inventory   :enabled!!

Spawn shop with new items added daily.


Challenging system to keep you entertained for weeks.

Play with your friends to increase your chances of survival.







This Server is designed for The Strong, Do you think minecraft is too easy.

With a lot of patience and work i have created a challenge to find the most Hardcore players.

This Server Will Test your Intelligence and will.

Take Caution When Entering This Server.

If you Ragequit, your head will be mounted on my Wall Of Shame.

Factions, without claiming land or set faction home.

15k border and growing. Pregenerated.

Myhome = share your /home with other players by inviting them

Phone #, someone to actually call if the server goes down.

server restarts every 3hrs, back-ups daily, auto restart if a crash happens.

You Won't reach end game Items for Weeks. Keep Armor has been enabled.

Read All the Books and study hard. If you can survive here. you can survive anywhere.

Beautiful world filled with so much content. Pet Bats, crazy amounts of potions and new

Enchantments. Rare ores and so much more.


Do You Dare To Enter Into Badcholo's And TeenieBoppers Horrorible Nightmare?




Or Search for: 495391.png?1420406494Brains

in the search bar in the new technic launcher.

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