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[Fixed] Trouble installing Towny

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I know a lot of Tekkit servers use Towny and you guys have helped me a lot in fixing problems so I thought this would be the best place to put my question.

I'm having trouble setting up Towny, it says in the console that the server failed enabling Towny asking 'is it up to date?' but I can't figure out what version I should be using (currently using When I use '/help towny' all the options say '/towny: null' or '/nation: null' for example and trying to use the commands leaves no reply in the chat. Anyone else had this problem?

"25.06 05:12:56 [server] INFO [Towny] Disabling Towny v0.80.1.0

25.06 05:12:56 [server] SEVERE [Towny Error] Towny requires version 2149 or higher.

25.06 05:12:56 [server] SEVERE [Towny Error] Unable to read CraftBukkit Version."


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