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[0.6.5] Elite-Craft [No Raid/PVP][Votifer][100 Slots]


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Basic Information

  • Not too many banned items
  • We have nice staff who are very helpful
  • Few people
  • We have the mob arena plugin
  • Quests
  • Interactive spawn
  • Apartment floors for sale
  • Player owned shops


Server Rules


  • Be respectful to all players
  • Be ethical
  • Use common sense
  • Don't use hacked or other clients that are not part of the Tekkit Lite modpack
  • No racism
  • No asking for op/admin
  • No spawn killing
  • Don't over do the cursing
  • No spamming
  • No setting homes in another persons base without their permission



Consider trying our sever, and checking out our website at http://elite-factions.webs.com/

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