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How do i download hexxit?


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Okay, so, my girlfriend and I want to play a hexxit server together... I've tried watching numerous videos on how to download hexxit and even make a server to play hexxit on for the two of us. Unfortunately, I have run into so many problems or roadblocks due to my limited computer knowledge that I have basically given up on this... Here's what i've tried so far...

I watched a few different videos on how to make a server, I still have no clue how to do that, and then i found out that i would need hexxit installed first to even begin makinga a hexxit server... So I am still at a loss on how to do it.. here's the link to the video that i tried to watch regarding a server, and it was just way over my head.. 


I then tried to figure out how to download hexxit so we could try to play on someone else's server, and i didn't get very far until i ran into another issue... Here's the link to the video i watched regarding how to download it.. 

I downloaded the launcher, but i guess it was updated or something, so i can'tf figure out how to install the darned thing, and I have no clue how to continue from there should i even download the modpack. 


In case you haven't guessed it, i am not very good with computers and stuff, and this is my first modpack that i am trying to play on... Any and all advice is appreciated.


If it helps at all... I am running on windows 8.1 with Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software. I think i have the latest version of Java (?) And I am on a laptop. :) 

Thanks everyone!

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