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Carbina Falls (people needed)


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Need anyone willing to help in doing basic stuff! Joining now gets you special privledges. really beautiful in-hill mansion. 




Vid recorded getting a YT account to upload it.
Suite levels (lowest to most luxurious): Beach front tiki cove (built into hill), Master suite (built a-top palm trees), Grand master suite (Very limited; built a-top hill next to base of redwood tree), lower Tree Suite (not at base, elevated off ground about 20 blocks, connected to the tree), Mid Tree suite (self explanatory), High life suite (built on the branches of the tree), Carbina suite (Extremely Exclusive; limited to two only; for owner and co owner; top of the tree)
Island progress: The island (and house it self) features two water falls (will add more). One boat entrance.stairway to door to house. stairway to a to be built second floor. A small beach built by me. A red wood tree (the big one) above on the top of the island (to be built in) with a cart rail to leave the island ( Christened by me: Railway to hell ; it goes underwater into a cave and what not and has calculated jumps). Before I post what is planned I like to make a list of it on paper first so just bear with me and I'll have a list of everything that is planned for it. Carbina council area is under build progress. Beach will be expanded.
Up from 3:00 to 9:00P.M.~12:00 A.M. UTC -:500 Eastern time (time used on this website -5 hours)
Before you are granted said privledges you must pass test on the role you are applying for. Each test is role specific. Test will consist of one task but said task does vary from roles in time needed to complete and difficulty. 
Pictures coming soon!
We have world edit!
Post here role you would like to apply for
AOTBT Version: Always on Recomended setting
Will update server soon to accommodate more people when and if necessary. For now it will be at 20
Am looking for these roles
Planner        Architect     Plug-in manager  Electrical      Defensive Manager  Builders
________   ________   ________             ________   ________                  ________
________   ________   ________             ________   ________                  ________
________   ________   ________             ________   ________                  ________
________   ________   ________             ________   ________                  ________
________   ________   ________             ________   ________                  ________
PC Rating (low,mid,high,ultra; if you have an expensive fast new laptop classify it as mid range)
How many times can you be on (i.e once a week, on a daily basis, every weekend, etc)
How much experience do you have with AOTBT and its mods (please list any mods that you specialize in as well)
List any thing you wish to have as a personal gift for being part of the server (i.e. choice of a suite from above, a lab, special head recognition.)

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Your server post needs some work: AotBT version number, some more info on the server itself, etc.  Yes, I know it's in development, but make sure you update the topic title now and add post content very soon.  This post might have been better put in the (why yes, I did just create it) until the server was more ready to use.

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