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[1.0.10]GamersMutiny 24/7 [Dedicated][PvP/PvE/RP/Survival][SSD/45slot]


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Mature and experienced admins who aim provide a friendly environment for the Minecraft community. This is a no nonsense server. Treat admins and other players with respect. We added  extra plug-ins that work great with Hexxit, so come by and check us out! If you have any requests, let us know and they will be discussed. Backups are ran twice for redundancy every 2 hours with notifications. Auto-Restart occurs once daily and will be adjusted as needed. Our server runs off of an SSD to eliminate excessive lag. All server restarts/saves always notifies players before occurring. Our goal is to keep you informed of everything that happens with the server and providing you with the best experience possible.


****Looted dungeons will be rebuilt and refreshed with loot and monsters upon request within reason during the week so the raids will never stop! This is a fresh server, and just because it's going to be up for a long time doesn't mean all the treasure has been looted!****


Note: Being friends with an admin will not earn any greater privilege over any other player. Admins will not be in in OP mode unless restoring dungeons that will be refreshed with mobs and loot. Admins do have kick/ban powers, so behave yourself! Admins are fair game in PvP, and will be on the same level playing ground as other players.


Just play and have fun!


Thank you for your time.



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