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Ideas for mods


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So I lack any competence with modding, or coding in general really, so here I would like to submit ideas I've had for mods that I would like to see. These are probably all technically difficult mods.

You may notice that most of the stuff I came up with is related to IC2. That is because IC2 is really the only technic mod that I am really comfortable with.

General Stuff

The Flashlight- An item that, when used, sends out a beam of light in front of it, about the same range as the torch. Made with glass, glowstone dust, and an RE battery all in a column. Uses veeery small amounts of energy.

Night-vision goggles- A piece of headgear that makes all blocks appear fully illuminated to the wearer. Crafted like so-





g= glass

h= iron helmet

d= glowstone dust


Laser Fence- An item that, when used, connects with all other laser fence blocks in a straight line within 10 blocks. All connected laser fences project a line of laser energy between them that damages anyone touching it. The direction of the fences can be adjusted with a wrench, and they can be turned off with a remote control that is keyed to each particular fence. Crafted like this-





Produces 4

g= glass

e= energy crystal


The controller is crafted like this-





t=tin ingot

g= glass

f= frequency transmitter

Note that one controller can be tuned to more than one block.




Basically an alternative to EE's high-end stuff, Gadgets are an IC2 thing that gives a number of special abilities.

To start making gadgets, you first need some Superior Circuits-





a= advanced alloy

c= advanced circuit

p= carbon plate


You may notice that this is somewhat expensive to craft. This is not unintentional.


To start making gadgets, first make a Basic Gadget. This does nothing, but is used as a building block for every gadget that comes after-





c= 2x insulated HV cable

s= superior circuit


After that, the Gadgets can be made into a variety of whatnot. Every advanced gadget requires energy for every use, or for constant use, or no energy for some abilities. Here are some of my ideas for a starting point.


Dehydrator- Converts a large area of dirt into sand. This takes 20 EU per use, and fills up 1 bucket/cell with water for every 4 squares turned to desert. On water, it drains every water square in the area and fills up an equivalent number of cells/buckets. This also takes 20 EU/use. Passively, the player is prevented from drowning. Used on a mob, it deals 2 hearts of damage at 20 EU/use. Shift-right clicking drops water from every bucket or cell in the inventory, deploying it in a circular area around where the dehydrator was targeted.





s= sand

g= basic gadget


Deployer- Deploys a number of blocks of any selected item in the inventory. The pattern of deployment can be changed in a GUI. They can deploy in a pyramid, square, frame, or in another number of basic shapes. New shapes can be inserted with Buildcraft blueprints. This deployment costs 1000 EU/use. It's sort of like a portable builder.





c= cobblestone

g= basic gadget

Other advanced gadgets will be added as I think of them.

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