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[3.1.2] TalentCraft Tekkit Classic] TalentCraft [PvP] [36 slots] [Factions] [No banned items!]


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TalentCraft Tekkit Classic

No banned items!


Looking for a new server to play on with no banned items?  Why not join TalentCraft Tekkit Classic?


IP: play.talentcraft.net:27234


I used to be a player of FCoFix back in the 2012 days, and again in 2013/ early 2014.  With them coming to a close there existed no server like FCoFIx.  Therefore I hoped to create a new server with inspiration from FCoFIx.  Which ended up with TalentCraft Tekkit Classic.


We follow the FCoFix stand on no banned items (completely possible if you're not stupid.)  Instead of the FCoFix anchary, we've switched to Factions, and now we exist!


24/7 uptime forever!  We have 12 hour reboots in order to keep the server running fast and with minimal lag.


I'm hoping to get players who are interested in playing Tekkit Classic, and possibly previous players of FCoFix.  


Plugins: Multiverse, PermissionsEx, Votifier, Factions, BanMePlease.  


Removed Mods: NONE!






Really established on another Tekkit Classic server?  Contact an Administrator and ask about our Item Transfer Program!

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