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[Server] Missing mod packs, need help.


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I just set up a server, it's completely operational as in me and my friends can all connect to it and it loads up just fine. However I'm missing SEVERAL mod packs, some include world of dinos and tinkers contruct. The only onces I've noticed ARE working at the hat modpack and the inventory one. (I'm sure there are more but those 2 I noticed 1st for obvious reasons).


I have no idea what's wrong with the server, I downloaded it twice to try to remake it from scratch and it still didn't work. I downloaded the server from the offical website so I know It's up to date and everything, I have no idea why it's beingsuch a jerk to me.


I am using the most up to date vertion of attack of teh b-team as far as I know.


Help would be lovely.




Also whenever anyone hits the CTRL key they dissconnect... kinda weird.. can I fix this or is it just a bug?

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