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Is there a way to change mob spawn light levels?


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I have a great map going that my friends and I have been playing on and have become so fed up with mobs spawning in bright light that I turned off the mobs all together.

(example here http://ow.ly/i/J3wg/original)

I wanted to turn them back on but make sure they don't spawn in luminance 10+ areas like they do now.

Any idea's how to go about changing this?

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I don't think it's possible. You'd probably have to go directly into the code of the game and change it there. Too much work and you probably won't be able to access it or you probably wouldn't understand it.

So, in short, no, there is not.

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Hopes dashed so quickly, thanks Nethaufer for the speedy reply.

I will keep searching however I don't mind mobs spawning where they are supposed to lol, just not right inside a brightly lit room full of things I don't want creeper blow up.

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