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Lockette Tekkit Config

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Yes, I know it can be done, I just can't get it to work.

My current config:

enable-messages-user: true

enable-messages-owner: false

enable-messages-admin: true

enable-messages-error: true

enable-messages-help: true

explosion-protection-all: false

enable-chest-rotation: true

enable-permissions: false

enable-protection-doors: false

enable-protection-trapdoors: false

allow-admin-snoop: true

allow-admin-bypass: true

allow-admin-break: true

enable-quick-protect: true

enable-color-tags: true

default-door-timer: 0


- 116

- 84

- 57

- 126

- 7561

- 128

- 7681

- 250

- 137

broadcast-snoop-target: '[Everyone]'

broadcast-break-target: '[Everyone]'

broadcast-reload-target: '[Operators]'

strings-file-name: strings-en.yml

I can't do spoilers.

Basically, I'd like to know what I'm doing wrong, and if there's a place where I can download a working version of it.

I'm using the newest version of Tekkit, and Lockette 1.6

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