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Dupe client?

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Hi guys,

I run a tekkit server and one of my player's notified me a of a hacked client that could dupe items on any tekkit server.

Seems he bought the client from somebody and there is some protection on it that he cant share it.

So i asked him to test it on my server and it works. he cap dupe any item.

i googled on the name of the client he told me and i only got the following 2 hits (that made sence)


i dont have access to read the hackforums thread maybe one of you people do. The youtube vid shows you need a chest for it, the player on my server also needed a chest.

anyone has more info about this or possibly a fix?


nvm found http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/looking-for-a-way-to-block-crystal-client.11570/

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Thats just a freecam dupe glitch that works on bukkit servers and tekkit servers theres a plugin out there thats made to prevent that dupe glitch im not exactly sure on what its called but just search bukkit plugins section. But it should prevent people from doing that dupe.

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