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I might have made my server fubar.. - Fixed!

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So.. This is what happended!

I were to set up my quarry to make another delicious hole! Then I by accident set my item teleport pipe to a channel that leads to a waterproof teleport pipe.. Then I got disconnected just the sec after.. Now when I log into the server I get a white screen after a couple of secs. The server log tells me that I dc because of End of Stream.

My question is if I by any way can get this changed..?

and ofc I don't have a back-up xD

Thanks in advance.

Greetings ZerotZallander

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You need to MCEdit the map and remove the offending pipe(s). Then you should be able to get back on the server.

Sweet! Thanks for the tip! ^_^


I did it now :) It worked ^^ -> By accident deleted some of the blocks I wanted my quarry to mine xD oh well. noob mistakes :P

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