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Admins - Managing Players and their Client side Mods/Exploits

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Lately, I've noticed a growing group of players who are using client side mods to enhance their abilities. Several of them are already taken care of by the server (nofly, no cheat etc), but there are many others which I would like to be able to manage, restrict such as

Xray vision (and yes I am aware that they could just change the textures)

Super Speed


I have downloaded the bukkit_gui server manager (as it seems to be the recommended server gui | Please feel free to recommend another GUI if there is a better one out there) and have applied "noxray" but it doesn't seem to work properly as it would appear I have to download the exact "anti-mod" for the exact exploit I am trying to restrict. How can I do this without knowing the name of the mod being used?

Also, is there a way to get a list of all the chests and contents on the server? I would like to be able to see if any players have taken advantage of and hidden away items from a previous admin on our server.

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