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Re-Mapping Keybinds (not Morph related)


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Ok, I just started playing with the Technic Launcher and the Attack of the B-team Modpack, I'm checking it out for my young son, you know being a responsible parent. 


But I am having an issue that I hope someone might be able to help me with.


I'm Left-handed and so with every game I play I tend to re-map all of the keybinds of the game from the left side of the keyboard to the right (arrow keys, numpad, etc.).


I've got almost all of them re-mapped, but I can't seem to locate where the hotbar keys are so that I can re-map those.


I've tried looking through all of the config files and even tried adding a new mod, but I'm having no luck.


Everytime I search the forums here, I keep coming up with the issue dealing with the Morph mod.


It's basically a game breaker for me if I can't play comfortably, which also breaks it for my son.


Any help would be appreciated.



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