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Can't get PureBDCraft texture pack to workk with Tekkit 3.0.3!

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I've downloaded a Tekkit 3.0.3 patch for PureBDCraft but whenever I try to load the texture pack the game freezes and crashes with no error report. I haven't done anything to the mod pack or the patch, just dragged the patch into the texturepacks folder and loaded it. I'll try to find out any more info if needed but can someone try to help?

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1. You have to download the original tp first (your choice of resolution) and then download the patch with the same resolution.

2. Extract both zip files to normal folders.

3. Take the files out of the patch and put them in the original.

4. Place the folder (with both in it) into the tekkit texture packs directory.

5. Profit!

hope this helps.

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