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Here are a few of the higher priority suggestions I have for Hack/Mine- Thanks for your time reviewing.

Ranger abilities- ie Lightning arrow/explosion do not get any stronger as you lvl and put points in.

Losing Loot and xp with some abilities- ie Lightning(fire), Explosion, and a real big one that needs to be looked into is- Nature Damage weapons are currently only good for pvp- They're the best weapons in the game but if you use them on enemies you have a very high chance of sacrificing loot/xp due to the fact that the poison stacks and currently if your poison kills something it will not drop loot nor give you credit for the kill- Also there really needs to be gear (as rare as your choosing ofcourse) with Nature resistance to protect from Scorpian and slime poison.

I decided to go with the most urgent tweaks needed ofcourse other then bugs and general improvements. I have many other types of suggestions- Puttin hours in daily on the mod- Lets see what you think of those Frizzil, then I may throw a few more at you.

Have a Good day (or evening depending) and once again thanks for your time and really glad to see you stay on top of things.

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Not really sure if this is a bug, Ive noticed when first starting to play on the map that I'm currently on- The Area lvls progressively moved up, although now there are loads of areas that are odd. ie. A lvl 91 right next to a 15 area (no oceans in between) I had a lvl 207 right at the spawn at one time but it actually went away. It seems my lands are shifting from progressive lvl increase to some sort of insanity- I think it's kinda cool- adds a bit of Surprise and run for ya life to the mix : ) However seeing as how I am getting closer to Public by the day I feel I should fix it. If anyone has any Insight on this situation please do Speak Up. Thanks

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