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[Tekkit Bug] IC2 Wires Won't Carry Current

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Hello, sorry I am posting this here, in stead of the Bug thread, but it says I have insufficient permissions. (I am new)

Ok, the bug is that ANY form of EU-Current generating device will not transmit power over cables. I tried with solar panels, and a nuclear reactor. But if I connect a MFSU (Or MFS, or BatBox) directly, no cables seperating them, it will gain current.

I DO know the problem, though, at least in Vanilla if you have this mod installed. It is to use the Reccomended version of MinecraftForge. (This would mean downgrading from the version included in Tekkit.)

It probably be possible to downgrade the client and server, but the wouldn't everyone need to use the patch to join a server with it?

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You need to post with the Submit a Bug Report button. Otherwise you can't start a new thread.

This doesn't sound like a bug, though. Give us pictures of the setup. Remember that for any kind of energy storage box, the dot is the output.

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