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Cant Craft Covalence Dust

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Hey all,

I am running a Tekkit 3.0.4 server with the following mods





When i try and craft Covalence dust Diamond+Coal it shows in the result for a brief second then disappears. same with the other recopies, 8cobble+1charcoal and 1 iron+1redstone

i cant seem to find where it is disabled, any help would be appreciated!

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An update, im also not able to craft Crafting Table III

and i cant find where to enable that either.

I have checked all the yml files and the ee_mod.prop file and they are set correctly i believe.

please help me out.

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I ended up replacing all these files

- EE2ServerV1.4.5.1-bukkit-mcpc-1.2.5-r2.zip

- mod_IC2NuclearControl-1.1.6-mcpc1.2.5-r3.zip

- redpower-all-2.0p5b2-mcpc1.2.5-r2.zip

and restarted the server.

they are back and the recipes are working again.

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