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Ubuntu Java has Cache?

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I'm having an odd problem. I started a tekkit server on my ubuntu machine and it ran fine as far as I could tell. I didn't like the map however, so I deleted everything and started again. It did not generate a map, and was using the previous map, even though I had already deleted it.

I moved over to my windows machine and generated the maps. I then moved it back over to my ubuntu machine and it was still using the previous maps. Is there a cache or anything that java creates? I shutdown my machine and unplug my computer for several minutes to try and clear the ram, but it still seems to be doing it.

I'm just confused as to why it is using my old maps? It is in a different directory and I renamed Tekkit.jar but it still seems to be using the old files.

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When deleting the world, I assume you did deleted the world on the server? When using multiplayer, the world is generated on the server, not on your client pc. Sorry for being Cpt Obvious, but you didn't tell exactly where you deleted the world files.

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