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[1.0.12a] Azeryth [PvP][20 slots] Now open for testing!

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Greetings! This is Leopard Cay, telling and announcing that Azeryth is now open for testing!

What does that mean?
Well, it means that the server will be up for the weekend to see how it handles players. If it goes well, expect it to keep running!


1. No Greifing
2. No Sexism or Racism.
3. No Spawn Killing.
4. No asking for stuff or ranks.
5. No Chat abuse.
6. Respect other players.
7. Stealing is Allowed, and breaking one or two blocks to enter a base to steal is fine.
8. Don't be stupid.

Banned Items:
Masters Staff
Any kind of dubstep gun.
Explosive Ammo.

About the server:
This is a Faction server, with several plugins like PermissionsEx, mcMMO, WorldEdit and much much more.
We're looking for players who wants to spend time with each other in a neat server, and those who want to create their own communities. Anyone is welcome as long as they follow the rules and behave. It will be up 23.5/7 as half an hour of cooldown will be needed to keep the computer running it from exploding.

Picture of Spawn:

We all hope to see you there! For more info, see azeryth.enjin.com/ 

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