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-In game bug

-Reproduction: 10/10

1. First way:

Launch technic launcher,

Launch a modpack containing Applied Energistics and Thermal Expansion,

join server (havnt tested on single player yet)

put a ME 1k/4k/16k/64k disk in a strongbox

wrench the strongbox

Crash for Gzip error

2. Second way:

load a chunk with a dropped strongbox containing a ME disk in it.

-Expected result:

strongbox drops with items safely tucked inside, can collect and place down safely

-Observed result:

Crash upon wrench

Crash upon loading chunk for any player that loads it


please dont remove/lock this for not having logs, i know im supposed to but i cannot provide any


!has happened on every computer that tried to do it on [blankservername].


mabye if someone could make an addon that prevents players from putting ME disks in strongboxes that'd be great

the bug does not get caused when you put a bag containing me disks in it inside a strongbox and wrench it

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