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BC-IC2 Crossover Mod for Tekkit?

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Recently, the Forestry mod has been removed from the Tekkit mod pack.

Some people were shocked from the loss of the electric engines. Yeah, there is the Energy Link that can convert EUs to BC power, but the power you lose is a decent amount. I was one of those who didn't know why Forestry got removed, but I searched throughout the forum and found out.

(I was surprised of what he did.)

So, maybe BC-IC2 Crossover mod by "silentdeth" would be a better replacement, yet an improvement?

As I've never tested the mod, I do not know if it's full of bugs and glitches, or if the CPU usage is a big amount or anything. I'm pretty much a noob at figuring out those things, but I just thought it might be worth thinking about, if you haven't already.

So tell me what you guys think of this mod, and if you think it will be a nice addition to Tekkit(/Technic)

[i am sorry if there's another suggestion post about this mod, I've searched the forums, and found nothing. Delete this if so, and if you can, maybe link me to the post? Thank you in advance]

P.S. I think there's a post about this, but why is Forestry still in the Technic Pack (SSP). If you know, maybe tell me? XP

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